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Our bike fit is the process of finding the optimal compromised position between a bike and its rider, allowing ideal positioning that maximises each rider’s athletic capability and maximising the comfort.

Our professional fitting is achieved with the help of the latest technology.

Better Tri Us is the only place in Australia using a technical software program to measure the joint angles in our lab.

Coupled with a powermeter, we can adjust our earlier conclusion. 

Finally, from the theory to practice, we use high speed motion capture video analysis to view your positioning and compare with previous adjustments made. This combined with our Airéka tool, ensures all measurements are accurate.

We have also a huge range of helmets and handlebars. We can test which ones are the most efficient for your optimal position. We are able to calculate your frontal projected area.

After your bike fitting service, you’ll receive before and after pictures of your fit as well as the appropriate measurements and recommendations to maximise your cycling experience.

Even this technology is a guide in the process of a bike fit, the optimum result still relies on the expertise, qualifications and experience of the fitter. We take in consideration your body injury history, aspirations and current material. Our bikefit interventions are conducted by a Pro triathlete and a physiotherapist to make sure the right balance is found between highest performance and injury prevention

We have the experience of multi-sessions at the France wind tunnel and 15 years of professionalism in cycling and triathlon.

A bike fit done with Better Tri Us gives you a 25% discount on all the suggested aero material (helmets, handlebars, hydration and nutrition system) available on www.bettertrius.com